Dogs, Cats, Chickens & Oh My….Goats!

A few years ago as hubby and I were out in our pasture, I said we have all this room, we should really add more livestock! We’re both animal lovers and well what’s the point of having a little farm without the critters to go with it right?

     During the summer months, a friend of ours keep a couple of their horses in our pasture which I really enjoy so already sort of have them around.  One of the many creatures I love are goats!  I’ve always enjoyed watching their crazy little antics not to mention what great little “landscapers” they can be.  There’s a couple breeds I was interested in until one day I was looking at some posts and saw Pygmy goats.  That’s it! I was hooked!   Watching this little thing interacting with his owner had me hysterical and the size of them intrigued me as well.  So I dug into doing my research on them.

     Something I highly suggest to those aspiring to homesteading is do your research. Whether you have an abundance of land or a little urban plot in a city, it’s important to find out all you can on any and all animals you’re thinking of adding to your homestead.  Especially important if you’re anywhere within a city’s limits, as many have rules and codes.  For some of you that live in gated communities or associations, these usually have extensive by laws you need to follow.  Do your homework since it can be heartbreaking to bring animals home only to find out down the road that they’re not permitted.  I’ve heard horror stories over this and the fate of the critters is at stake as well.

     So after finding out as much as I could, the next step was to find a local breeder.  I wound up asking a gal who had her Pygmy’s at a local Christmas event last year (2018), and she gave me a breeders name.  After contacting her and looking her up, I asked if I could come by and look at her goats, set up and pick her brain.  She was very accommodating on all points. 

     After meeting all her goats (and there’s a lot), being quite impressed with what I saw, and having all of my questions answered, she told me she’ll let me know when the next babies come.  I had no idea how soon it would be!

      On December 1st she sent me photos and let me know new kids were born a couple days ago. Oh. My. Gosh.  I took a look at the photos AND the video and that was it! After confirming I wanted two of them a little boy and a little girl, more correctly known as a doe and a wether (fixed buck), a ride over to her farm was in order to meet my babies!! 

     As soon as my eyes spied these littles I was in love!  So small, so cute and the best part is they’re now mine 🙂  My breeder is Desert Sun Pygmy’s so my little doe is Desert Sun’s Meadowlark Larkin and the little wether is Desert Sun’s Yoda’s Spencer (once you see his ears you’ll know just why I added Yoda!).  Every week I go over and play with them and give them their lovin’s.  The bond and trust between us has grown immensely and I can’t wait to bring them home which will be the beginning of March.  In the meantime, I’ve been getting ready for their arrival.  

     I guess you could say that March is gonna be a pretty busy month around here, with the additions of chickie babies and Pygmy goat babies…….but hey it’s not BAAAAAAAAD.  🙂

It’s been told to me that owning Pygmy goats can be good for your health and well being and I can certainly see why.  They’re like dogs and when you’re having “one of those days” just hanging out with them can cheer ya up and calm down.  So here’s to your health!

     Enjoy the photos and videos of Larkin and Spencer and if you’d like to receive updates and and my weekly newsletter, just hit the sign up and I’m happy to share with you all the fun, festivities and tips I’ve learned while building the Frisendahl Homestead!



Larkin (Black Agouti & Spencer Grey/Black Agouti


Have an Outstanding Day!



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