Addicted to Chicks

Currently on the homestead we’ve been blessed with getting eggs all winter long!  This was my first winter with chickens and I was concerned about lack of eggs. With only 22 girls laying (let me clarify….as winter approached not all were laying yet…some came into laying over the course of the last three months) and hearing that with shorter days it’s typical for laying to go on hiatus. Not here! We started getting an average of five eggs a day, then six and now it’s up to nine! No complaints here for sure and I’m lucky enough to be able to have so many that I’m now selling them and have some very happy customers. 🙂 

     But, I’m addicted to chickens! Ok, there I’ve said it….Hi I’m Cindy and I’m a chicken addict!  I love the fuzzy butts! What started out as a thought of four turned into a purchase of six, then eight more, then seven and along came two more littles.  All winter I’ve been thinking about the breeds I want to add and and how many.  I’ve been holding off………UNTIL……….. I get notified by Meyer Hatchery that their rare breed chicks are now available!! Well this chicken addict certainly came out of rehab!!  Exactly the breeds I’m looking to introduce into the flock!! So I’m happy to say that I spoke with Kendra and Kate over there and now have eight more little fuzzy butts joining the flock in March! Yey!



Our eight additions are Speckled Sussex, Blue Splash Maran, Blue Orpington, Blue Ameraucana, Salmon Faverolle and White Rock.  I’m so excited to hear the little peepings and to build our flock.  Stay tuned for updates and to watch them grow through photos once they’re here! 🙂 

Have an Outstanding Day!



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