For Your Eyes Only

          Since my blogs are for homesteading and health  & wellness, this topic certainly fits…I think.

     I’m like so many others…vision issues.  A contact lens wearer for many years, once I moved to a much drier climate and simpler lifestyle, I ditched the “tacts” and opted to just use my glasses.  Glasses are a huge expense! Yikes!  Between the cost of various lenses not to mention the frames themselves Yikes again!

     However, I found a super online company that does have several brick & mortar locations but of course none in my area.  The company is Warby Parker They are awesome to deal with.  When I first saw an ad, I thought how can ya buy eyeglasses online and every thing be right.  But they have this cool deal where you put in your criteria for style, size etc and can pick up to five styles to choose from for a free in home try on.  I loved this concept so I picked out five frames and received them a few days later.  I did find a perfect frame and when I put in for a price quote on the frame with my particular lenses, I was happy as can be!  While I was waiting for my try on frames to come, I went to probably five to six optical places for a quote and the prices I got were crazy compared to the Warby Parker quote.  They couldn’t be beat! 

     The frames you receive as a try on are the same quality as the final product, other than the purchased pair is brand shiny new and all adjusted for you.  You provide them with your prescription (if you don’t have an eye doctor, they can refer you) and for the fitting process, this is done through your computer or mobil device by following a simple process.  Easy peasy right?

     My new glasses arrived within a week…might I add far quicker than any lead times I got from local optical places!  They come well packaged in a nice box, nice sturdy case with lens cleaner and they fit perfectly! No adjustments were needed whatsoever! 

I just received my latest “try-ons” and happy to say that once again I found the perfect frame, placed my order and they’ll be on their way to me in a couple days!  Gotta love it!

Now being in a pretty rural area, this is a major convenience all the way around.  I find their frame selection to be pretty good, the home try on works great, they have sunglasses as well, you can have glasses made with or without prescription, a selection of lenses, however, polycarbonate with anti reflective coating is standard anyway, prices are great and delivery times AND customer service I feel is outstanding! I highly recommend them and oh I have to add they also accept some insurance plans and flexible spending plans…Oh my it doesn’t get any better than this!  

Why not give  Warby Parker   a try  yourself and SEE the difference!



 Have an Outstanding Day!



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