Weekend on the Farm

 I love being productive and when it comes to working on the farm and we have productive days it’s awesome!

     Hubby and I love our weekends and doing whatever we want to do.  However, there are times when things around the homestead need to be done and we just have to tackle it.  We work great together which makes the whole thing a little fun.

     This weekend my big goal was to put a roof on the chicken runs.  When we started our “chicken village” last May, (I say village since we started with one coop and run and now have two large coops and extended the run) the main thing was getting the coop and run done but making the whole thing as predator proof as possible.  We’re lucky enough not to have a lot to worry about in that respect, but better safe than sorry.  The top covering consisted of chicken wire to keep other critters out but then as summer approached the girls needed some shade so I used tarps, well they don’t last through a lot of wind and it was mainly temporary.  After a REALLY BIG wind storm about a month ago, and the tarps getting little rips, the runs were getting too wet when it rained which not only made a mess but increased the chances for their food to get wet, not to mention the couple snows we got had the top holding too much weight. Ugh. So now plywood is installed and it’s a nice cover for them.  This also allows to have extra feeders hanging and they all stay dry. Happy chickens, happy eggs right?

     We also took care of several other chores around here and with the weather being so nice it was pleasant and productive and while we worked, we got to watch some “chicken TV”…..just being amused by all the chickens and ducks as they went about free ranging.


   Have an Outstanding Day!




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    • Awe thanks! I love having a color mixture and they are delicious! I guess you use to have chickens? I couldn’t eat store bought eggs anymore either. Thanks for your comment and for visiting my site. You can also sign up for updates and a weekly newsletter.


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