Yes You Can Spend More Time on your Homestead & Still Earn An Income


     A little different post here but one I feel goes – or can go hand in hand with homesteading.

For many who are homesteaders, whether you just started or have been at this for a while, you started this because you wanted a better life for yourself and/or your family.  You already are feeling the tugs that there’s something better, a better simpler way of life and I will bet a dozen eggs that when you’re home at your own little slice of heaven you dread leaving it to go to work, for many of you that’s what’s known as the Sunday evening stomach pain.

     Since my blog and intentions are to be able to help others out, I’m gonna share with you something that just may have you looking at other options so that you too are able to spend more time doing all the things you really enjoy doing and being where you really wanna be. 

     Have you ever thought of working virtually or freelancing? There’s a whole big amazing world of opportunity out there, so much you can do and the best part about it?  You can do it from anywhere!  I’m passionate about this since I left the corporate/work world in 2007 and I have never looked back.  Oh sure I’ve had the ups and downs, but I can honestly say even on a down time it was WAYYYYYYY better than the alternative!

Now I bet a lot of you are saying “what can I do, how will I do it, what’s this all about” and the biggest one of all…..”what if it doesn’t work”… that one all I can say is what if it does work?  What can you do?  Oh there’s soooooo much that’s in demand and growing all the time.  How will I do it? Well just like you started your little homestead…by learning about it, or it could be there’s something you’re now or want to do that you enjoy and already know.  What’s this all about?  That’s what I’ll show you  🙂 

     My life as a freelancer/entrepreneur go hand in hand with homesteading since it allows me to enjoy our homestead doing all the little (and big) things here while still earning an income!   One of the biggest helps to me was finding Freelance University  What I’ve learned and continue to learn is priceless and truth be told is exactly why I’m here today doing these blogs!  I’ve had the pleasure to add blogging into my business.  I love how I can write about things I’ve learned and do, share with others and get paid to do it!  I love to pass this knowledge on, share this company and know that it can help create a better life for others.

     If you’re at all interested in finding out more about being able to enjoy your homestead full time and be able to bring in an income, I really encourage you to look into this and get going.  It’s a new year and what better time to get started really being able to enjoy this much simpler and healthier life that you’ve chosen.  

                  Have an Outstanding Day!





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